Fibreglass Pools in Cape Town

Our Cape Town fibreglass pools are perfect for your Cape Town home.

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Cape Town is one of the best cities to live in. The summer months are warm, sunny and dry and the city has an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. Thus making it prime weather to swim. However, due to an influx of international and local tourists, beaches around this season are quite busy. This marks an opportunity to invest in installing a fibreglass pool.

How Fibreglass Pools Affect Your Property

The significant social culture of Cape Town leads many homeowners towards property improvements which facilitate hosting guests. From patio designs, to pool installations, renovations in Cape Town homes are often people focused.  Think braai on the deck, relaxing with friends and family then going for a dip in a pool to cool off. Having a pool in a home not only benefits its inhabitants with its recreational benefit, but also contributes to increasing property value. Having a pool is a great selling point, has aesthetic value as well as return on investment by potentially increasing the price you can sell your home for.FibreglassPools_CapeTown

With the various housing styles in Cape Town, ranging from large plots in the Southern Suburbs to compact options in the City Bowl, there is opportunity for fibreglass pools to complement the property. Smaller properties will likely lean towards splash pools whilst larger plots are able to accommodate bigger, more social pool types. See our pool shapes to find a pool that complements your property.

Cape Town Water Restrictions

Cape Town has recently emerged from a water crisis . The government has, as of mid 2019, given the go ahead for homeowners to start filling their pools. Due to the efficient practices developed during the water shortage, Capetonians have become accustomed to saving water whilst keeping their pools in good condition. Equipment such as pool covers, backwash recovery tanks and rainwater harvesting tanks have been making significant differences in water usage for pool owners. Boreholes are also a great way of accessing pure, natural water. The initial costs of accessing the water are quickly paid off from the benefits gained. In cases where borehole water is to be used for a pool top up or fill, one would need to treat the water with chemicals and clarifier to make the water safe to swim in.

See our page on water-neutral pools for a more water conscious option.

FibreglassPools_CapeTownPools for Africa in Cape Town

Cape Town is the ideal home for the Pools for Africa factory, where we manufacture our comprehensive range of pool shapes in a world-class facility. With its rich maritime history, Cape Town boat makers have developed expertise in fibreglass manufacturing. This has filtered into other industries, including pool manufacturing. With many pool installers in the region, installation of a fibreglass pool in Cape Town can occur quite quickly when compared to other areas in the country. We also work with several installers to ensure your area is covered and delivery of your pool occurs swiftly. Contact us for more information.