Fibreglass vs Gunite Swimming Pools

Family in Swimming Pool

When it comes to retaining water there is no other alternative than fibreglass. Simply look at your bath, it seems Fiberglass is the best way to retain water. Fibreglass pools also tend to be warmer than concrete pools. There is a long list of pro’s when it comes to Gunite vs Fiberglass, but it all boils down to this :


• Cost of Installation
In addition to the material cost of fibreglass pools being lower than that of a concrete pool, fibreglass pools can also be installed in a much shorter timeframe, saving labour and other costs.
• Cost of maintenance
Gunite Pool surfaces are porous and therefore algae growth is more likely to occur, not only on the surface but also within the pool wall outer structure. The finish of a Pools for Africa Fiberglass Pool is done with gel coat and any algae growth can merely be wiped off.
It is a well-documented fact that fibreglass pools also require fewer chemicals to maintain the water quality.
• Cost of Repairs
Repairing a hairline crack in a Fiberglass pool is quick, easy and cheap vs a crack on gunite pool which is very costly and labour intensive. For the concrete pools, the pool water will have to be drained whereas fibreglass pool repairs can mostly be underwater.
Fibreglass pools will never have to be re-plastered, so you save hundreds if not thousands of Rand’s every 5 to 6 years. Pools for Africa’s fibreglass pools come with Structural Warranties as well.