Hand Lamination vs Chopper Gun

Hand Lamination

Deluxe Range

  •  Hand Laminated swimming pools have a higher resin to fiberglass content, thus making the hand laminated pool less flexible, resulting in a more rigid product.
  •  Hand Laminated swimming pools are built using fibreglass mats/sheets that overlap each other ensuring an even coverage throughout the pool.
  • Due to the higher resin content and the process being more labour intensive, a hand laminated pool is generally more expensive to manufacture than a pool manufactured with a Chopper Gun.
  • The world’s leading boat and yacht manufacturers still use the hand lamination process to manufacture the “hulls” where the Chopper Gun is only used for the deck.


Standard Range

  • Chopper Guns spray the glass fibres and resin onto the pool moulds whereafter it is laminated to eliminate air bubbles.
  • The Chopper Gun methodology relies on the skill of the operator to ensure an even coverage of fibreglass throughout the pool.
  • In comparison to hand laminated pools, Chopper Gun manufactured pools contain less resin, but more glass fibres, ultimately reducing overall manufacturing costs.
  • Chopper Gun manufactured pools are less labour intensive and the method is widely used in first world countries as it is a more efficient process and reduces material and labour costs.

In conclusion

Both methods have their individual benefits and both have proven to have a place in the market. We believe that both products will do the job…and for that reason we manufacture and offer both. The choice is yours…