Pools For Africa Fibreglass Pools Manufacturers

Fibreglass Manufacturing Process

We are the only fiberglass swimming pool manufacturers in Cape Town that uses a High Performance Iso NPG Epoxy Gelcoat with a Vinyl Ester element. Here, we explain the Fiberglass Manufacturing Process in detail.┬áThis is a far more superior gel-coat to the normal one used, and has a far harder surface, is acid resistant, and thus one can heat one’s fiberglass swimming pool to a higher temperature degree than normal. This gel-coat is also not prone to osmosis.

We do not use coremat when manufacturing our fiberglass swimming pools, as this does not give sufficient tensile strength, just the appearance of being thicker. Pools for Africa’s fiberglass swimming pools are manufactured manually, we feel that this eliminates the possibility of thin spots often found on “machine made” chopper gun sprayed pools.

As a top swimming pool manufacturer, our fiberglass swimming pools come standard with underwater lights and spa jets on spa pools. We also supply pumps, filters, chlorinators, as well as various other accessories. We supply to the trade and DIY to the developers and builders as well as to the public.

Why fibreglass?

Fiberglass swimming pools are quick and easy to install. They are generally warmer than gunite or concrete poolsHigh-Performance because the surface of our fiberglass swimming pools are non-porous, they use fewer chemicals and are easily maintainable.