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Fibreglass Swimming Pool Price System Explained

Swimming Pool Prices

The time spent looking for a swimming pool price can be frustrating, so Pools for Africa have developed a Swimming Pool Pricing system which provides convenient quotes and saves time for the installer and most importantly the customer.

The swimming pool price system is accessed simply by filling out our Get a Quote Form.

Pools for Africa currently operates in South and Southern Africa areas. We use a network of fibreglass pool installers for different locations and this may have an impact on your fibreglass pool’s price. 

Our swimming pool pricing system removes the wait for quotes. It also means you can compare the prices of various shapes and even installers in your area. If you would like the price of more than one pool shape, please just fill out the form twice for the different shapes.

There are two options when creating your swimming pool quote: 

DIY installation: this is when you just want to purchase the fibreglass pool and will install in your own capacity) and the 

Full Installation: this is when you use our recommended installers in your area). The installer that will be recommended to you is based on the area code you reside in (please make sure your postcode is accurate) so the process is quicker and convenient. 

Each of our installers can install our entire range of pools, they have also provided and regularly update the different additional elements that are included in a pool installation such as pool pump and filter, jets, lights, excavation, rubble removal and delivery that impact your overall pool choice and budget. Once you have your quotation you can see these elements broken down and discuss what you need with your installer who will contact you upon receipt of your quote.

Some benefits of this fibreglass pool quoting system is that you will be able to compare quotes from different installers and get the best possible fibreglass swimming pools price along with great service. 

The above information is the overview of what your fibreglass pool price may be affected by. Please discuss with our Pools for Africa team and the recommended installer on any specific questions you have.
Click here for our swimming pool price system. We hope you find the perfect swimming pool at the perfect price for you.

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