Pools For Africa Disclaimer

Pools for Africa is solely manufactures Fiberglass Pools which are distributed through independent retailers, contractors and installers. The relationship between Pools for Africa and each of the installers is that of independent contractor and shall never be deemed or construed to be an employment, partnership, joint venture, agency relationship, or any other similar relationship. No installer has any authority of any kind whatsoever to create any binding obligation on the part of Pools for Africa or any partner or affiliate of Pools for Africa

These independent Installers are not agents for Pools for Africa and therefore have no authority to act for or on behalf of Pools for Africa. Any Pool shell problems arising as a direct result of installation should be taken up with the installer/Contractor. Pools for Africa disclaim any and all liability for any act or omission on behalf of any Installer or retailer. Pools for Africa’s obligation concerning pools manufactured by it is limited to its guarantee of fifteen (15) years structural warranty, Six (6) months on the gel coat/mosaics/cosmetics of the pools (see detailed warranty) should the issue arising be as a result of manufacturing.

No warranty claim will be assessed without a fully completed warranty claim form.

Please ensure that your new swimming pool is insured with your property’s insurer for damages caused by acts of nature.