pool side with furniture

Ideas for Upgrading Your Pool Area

So, you’ve installed your fibreglass pool over 10 years ago and it still looks to be in good condition but something’s not looking right anymore? The chances are that your pool is still in perfect condition due to the durability of fibreglass pools and the real issue is your pool area looking worn and outdated. Reviving your pool area can be tricky but we’re here to help with these ideas.

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unclean pool

4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Swimming Pool

The purpose of your pool will have a major influence on what kind of pool you should install. Will you be using your pool to train to join the Olympics, or just to lay next to while you soak up some vitamin D, or is it going to be the central hub of entertainment for your children this summer? There are many factors to consider before installing your pool. Here is a list of considerations to make which may influence your final decision.

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Cape Town- Fibreglass Pools

Should you get a swimming pool? To Dive or not to Dive?

One of the frequently debated inclusions is a swimming pool. With the high installation costs and recurring maintenance fees, its no wonder that many are reluctant to ‘take the plunge’. With the right planning however, a swimming pool can become a turning point for your property, providing value that extends beyond monetary and improves quality of life as well. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about investing in a backyard oasis:

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Are Water-Neutral Pools the Way Forward for Water Conscious Western Cape?

Although the dams are fuller and restrictions are slowly lifting, the Western Cape has developed a conscious for water conservation. Water is the most precious resource in our world and having a water wise attitude should be universal. For residents of the Western Cape, the looming possibility of taps running dry meant that many people changed their lifestyle for the better, implementing good practises that can carry on even when dams are filled. One such practice is water neutral pools. Water neutral pools don’t just save water, but they save money as well. Keep on reading for more insight into how water neutral pools work and how you can achieve one at your own home.

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