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The Truth About Installing Fibreglass Pools

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The Truth About Installing Fibreglass Pools:

What is the truth behind Fibreglass Pools and Pool Installation? Pools for Africa has been in the pool industry for more than 24 years. We have seen Pool Companies come and go, manufacturers open, close, and open again under new names. We have seen all the tricks in the trade. One thing that stands out above all is REPUTATION.

Never ask the opposition what they think of each other, always question one company bad-mouthing another. Honesty, integrity and willingness to assist are the pillars that build a company.

We live in a time where promises are hollow and decent customer service difficult to find. But the good news is there are always the exceptions, you just need to find it.

Here are our tips to assist you to see through the fog and make clear factual decisions when installing your dream pool:

  • How long has the pool builder been in the industry
  • Do they actually have a website
  • How big is the team and who is supervising this team. Otherwise, it becomes your job!
  • Ask for referrals, phone them and ask questions like: did they deliver what was promised, quality of work, time-frame.
  • Remember, like any other building project there are always hic-ups. It is how these issues are handled that counts.
  • The cheapest quote is not always the best quote.

Your fiberglass pool

  • Ask your installer who is the pool manufacturer; beware of companies that have not yet outlived their warranties.
  • Does the manufacturer back the installer?
  • Check for hidden costs on the pool. The pool shell should come standard with jets, LED light and weir fitted. We include our delivery costs in the shell price- otherwise more surprises.
  • If possible visit the factory; it will give you an idea of the type of business you are dealing with.