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Pool Maintenance during winter: Johannesburg vs Cape Town

diamond pattern fibreglass pool

Some parts of South Africa have colder winters than others, this plays a huge role in how you take care of your pool. Pool care is very important during winter because your pool is more vulnerable to damage due to weather conditions and lack of maintenance. By taking care of your pool now, you spare yourself the headache of having to deal with expensive repairs and replacements in Spring.

We’ve compiled a list of some ways that you can take care of your pool depending on where you live.

Winter pool cover 

Winter temperatures in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban tend to be warmer than in other parts of the country like Cape Town, Sutherland and Molteno (or Buffelsfontein). As a result, people living in these areas can keep their pools open all year long. However, those with more difficult winters cannot afford this luxury and must cover their pools in between uses and cleaning to prevent algae build-up. Algae develop from the occasional sunlight, chemical imbalances, and evaporation, which are frequent in winter due to the dry air. 

Common types of winter pool covers: 

  • Solid woven – which is watertight on both the top and the bottom, preventing water and debris from seeping through.
  • Mesh – allows for water to drain into your pool without letting in any debris.
  • Leaf catchers – installed above your regular pool covers to prevent a messy uncovering of your pool. 
  • Safety cover – mainly provide protection from accidental drowning, they are not only built to prevent debris from entering but are made durable enough to withstand the full body weight of a human. 

Keep a balanced chemistry

Changes in water temperature may cause your pool water’s pH (acidity) to rise during the winter, resulting in cloudy water. During this time all pools need the proper levels of free chlorine, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid and total alkalinity with a pH of between 7.0 and 7.4 

If you do not have circulation in the water, you don’t need to add chlorine, but you should still check the water’s chemistry weekly if you are using the pool and check it every two months if you are not.

Maintain the water level

To counteract the upward pressure from resting groundwater, the water level should always be above the skimmer (these are openings just below the pool lining that filter out debris like fallen leaves etc). At worst, too much pressure could cause damage to the pool’s floor, or push your entire pool structure upward.

Cape Town usually receives most of its rainfall during the winter. While this might mean that you won’t need to worry about filling your fibreglass pool, you might need to top it up periodically in areas such as Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Pool parts maintenance

In order to maintain their quality, pool parts require regular maintenance no matter where you live. Make sure that all excess water has been removed from the pool pump, filter, and heater because that water expands as it gets colder and that will crack your pipes.

Should I drain my pool?

Drainage is not necessary if you are maintaining your pool’s water levels. You should not drain your pool on your own, but if you feel that you must, It is best to talk to a pool professional about how much it will cost to refill your pool. We have fibreglass pool professionals in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, and they travel to surrounding areas. 

The best pool material?

Fibreglass pools are great for winter, any season in fact. It is a structurally sound, damage-resistant material that does not expand or contract much when exposed to heat or cold as compared to concrete or vinyl. 

A fibreglass pool is pretty much chemical resistant and does not react when exposed to pool cleaners, chlorine, and UV rays. As a pool material, it is also flexible, able to withstand the pressure caused by soil shifting as it freezes and thaws.

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a fibreglass pool. Follow this link here to choose from a wide selection of shapes, colours, and finishes that come in basic, standard, and deluxe options