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The Aqua Projects Gauteng Installation Process

Fibreglass Pool in Johannesburg and Pretoria are provided by Aqua Projects Gauteng Pty (Ltd) which specialises in premium fibreglass swimming pool installations.

The swimming pool installation company has been around for almost a decade, offering high-quality services at affordable prices with a modern range of fibreglass swimming pools. All Aqua Projects products have a ten-year structural guarantee so the team is always available to handle your concerns after your fibreglass swimming pool has been installed.

Aqua Projects Gauteng’s intricate installation methodology guarantees your pool is installed in the most efficient way possible. The Aqua Projects Gauteng installation process is an internationally recognised way of ensuring ensure your fibreglass swimming pool is strong, safe and stylish. 

Here is the way Aqua Projects Gauteng ensures your quality Fibreglass Pool in Johannesburg and Pretoria is installed:

The Aqua Projects Gauteng 4 Step Installation Process

1. Using River Sand Backfill Material

Backfill refers to the material used to refill an excavated hole, and it is typically used to strengthen and support a structure’s foundation while also promoting better water drainage.

They use backfill material – specifically river sand, which is placed under the pool and around the outside of the pool shell after it is set in the excavated hole. Using clean, river sand backfill is one of the ways to ensure long-term success of a fiberglass pool installation. 

Sand is the traditional material used in the industry, and it works well in areas with pure sandy soils. 

2. Using a Hard Pipe Instead of Flexible Pipe 

Aqua Projects Gauteng makes use of a hard pipe instead of a flexible pipe when installing your pool as the flexible pipe is not rated for underground use and it does not flex and bend with the contours of the pool.This process requires more effort to install but we believe, and you will see, it is worth the value added to our customer’s swimming experience. 

3. Using Sand Encased Plumbing to Prevent Plumbing Settlement

Aqua Projects Gauteng wants to secure your swimming pool with long-term plumbing success. They do this by using river sand backfill to encase the plumbing, which prevents movement or settlement. 

4. Using a Concrete Bond Beam Around Perimeter of Pool

To stabilise the pool shell, all inground fibreglass pools require some concrete to be poured around their perimeter. This concrete bond beam is poured around, and flows under the lip of the fibreglass pool shell to secures everything into place, ensuring the pool and patio will be structurally secure for many years to come.

Aqua Projects Gauteng installs Fibreglass Pools manufactured by Pools for Africa in Gauteng. Choose your pool here and select ‘get a quote’. If you are in a Aqua Projects Gauteng installation area you will automatically receive a quote from Aqua Projects Gauteng. Alternatively, contact them directly on 0828972686 for Fibreglass Pool Johannesburg and Pretoria

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