Hand Lamination vs Chopper Gun

Mother and Child in Fibreglass Swimming Pool

We’ve broken down the differences between Hand Lamination and Chopper Gun. Keep reading for more insight!

Hand Lamination: (Deluxe Range)

Hand Laminated Pools are built using fibreglass mats/sheets that are laminated onto the mould with a resin filled roller, saturating the fibreglass mats with resin.   The fibreglass sheets overlap each other ensuring an even minimum coverage throughout the pool.

Because of the method of application, hand laminated pools have a higher resin to fiberglass content, thus making the hand laminated pool less flexible, resulting in a more rigid product.

Due to the higher resin content and the process being more labour intensive, a hand laminated pool is generally more expensive to manufacture than a pool manufactured with a Chopper Gun.

Choppergun: (Standard Range)

Chopper Guns spray the chopped glass fibres and resin onto the pool moulds whereafter it is laminated to eliminate air bubbles. The Chopper Gun methodology relies on the skill of the operator to ensure an even coverage of fibreglass throughout the pool.

In comparison to hand laminated pools, Chopper Gun manufactured pools contain less resin, but more glass fibres, resulting in higher tensile strength, but also reducing overall manufacturing costs. Chopper Gun manufactured pools are less labour intensive and the method is widely used in first world countries as it is a more efficient process and reduces material and labour costs.

In conclusion……

Both methods have their individual benefits and both have proven to have a place in the market.   At Pools for Africa, we have the skills to use both methods of application and believe that both products will do the job.

For this reason we manufacture and offer both and offer the same warranty on both products. 

The choice is yours…