DIY, Fiberglass Pools

Ideas for Upgrading Your Pool Area

pool side with furniture

So, you’ve installed your fibreglass pool over 10 years ago and it still looks to be in good condition but something’s not looking right anymore? The chances are that your pool is still in perfect condition due to the durability of fibreglass pools and the real issue is your pool area looking worn and outdated. Reviving your pool area can be tricky but we’re here to help with these ideas.

1. Resurface the area

This is one of the more drastic changes you could make to your pool deck. If the condition of your current tiling or paving is starting to crack and look old, it will definitely impact the enjoyment of your pool area particularly because it’s the first thing anyone sees when they approach your swimming pool.

Your decking options include concrete, wood, stone and more.


Poured concrete is a popular trend at the moment. It’s also the most affordable option. The area can then be broom finished, creating a standard concrete look, or stamped, to resemble stone, tile or brick. It’s important to account for your climate when considering concrete as a decking option. Climates with colder winters are not ideal for the longevity of your deck as cycles of freezing and thawing will crack the concrete after time.



Wood is another cost-effective and easy option for your pool deck. It creates a warm, natural look. It does however have a downside: wood requires constant maintenance such as regular staining and sealing to prevent rotting, colour loss and damage.

A more expensive alternative to this would be composite wood. This has the same look and feel of natural wood but is made with plastic-like synthetics. It therefore has practically no maintenance required as it won’t rot, fade or splinter over time.



Stone is both durable and stylish. It is available in many different shapes, sizes and colours allowing for a customised design. Poolside safety is increased when using stone due to its natural friction therefore reducing the risk of slipping when wet. Stone can be used as decking as well as for additional features like waterfalls, boulders and other structures. This long-lasting, safe, stylish options does however come at a higher price compared to its concrete alternative.



Pavers are one of the easiest decking options to maintain. They are simply bricks laid out in a unique pattern, set on either a stone or sand base. They are easy to repair if cracks occur as they can be removed and replaced. They’re available in different shapes, sizes and colours which allows for custom patterns and designs to be created. Pavers do however have a relatively high cost compared to some of the other decking options.



Tiles add an elegant poolside look and are quick and easy to install using either concrete or traditional grout. They can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and can therefore create a unique look. It’s important to remember that only unglazed tiles can be used surrounding your pool because glazed tiles will be too slippery when wet.


2. Outdoor Furniture

Introducing outdoor furniture around your pool is a quick and easy way of upgrading your pool in a way that will make you feel like you’re relaxing poolside at a 5-star hotel.


You could add lounge chairs if you’re looking for comfort, relaxation and tanning. Add a sun umbrella and a pillow and you are left with your very own personal oasis. If you’d like to start using your outdoor area for entertaining more guests, invest in an outdoor dining set or an outdoor poolside braai area.

If you’re wanting to increase the amount of relaxation and time you spend actually inside of your pool, consider water loungers or pool chairs. A water lounger is of course only possible if you have a shallow ledge area in your pool. Pool chairs pair well with an outdoor bar or snack table for when all the swimming starts making you feel slightly parched and peckish. Pool chairs are a simple yet elegant finish to your pool area that is sure to add that wow factor.

3. Lighting

A simple addition like lighting can add a whole new dynamic to your pool area. Not only does lighting add ambience, but it also enhances poolside visibility and safety at night. Installing pathway lights around your pool reduces the risk of slipping on water or on a pool toy. If your entire outdoor area is lacking lighting, you could string overhead lighting across your garden area to add more of a starry night feel to the area – it will also add to your decor should you host an outdoor garden party.


If you add colourful LED underwater lights to your pool, you will have the ability to set the mood of your pool depending on the occasion or theme. Another mesmerising way to use underwater LED lighting is to use them in some kind of water feature – the movement of the water will create your very own light show in your garden area.

4. Water Features

A waterfall is an elegant and simple way to add to your pool and can be done in many different styles. Add to your waterfall by surrounding it with a colourful garden area. However, your water feature options don’t have to start and end with a waterfall. An interesting poolside addition would be to mix fire and water in one feature – to do this add a firepit to your water feature.


If you’re willing to spend on an entirely new section of your pool, why not install a jacuzzi attached to your existing pool or in a nearby area. This at home spa area will enhance your outdoor entertainment as well as your overall relaxation. It’s also ideal for spending time ‘in the water’ with your kids when you’re not really in the mood to splash around in the cold water with them.

Upgrading your pool area doesn’t have to cost you as much as installing the pool. If you plan ahead and install a high-quality fibreglass pool to begin with, your long-term maintenance costs reduce leaving you with enough to upgrade the surrounding area every 10 – 15 years. Use these ideas and tips to make your outdoor entertainment area one that both you and your guests will enjoy.