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Maintain your fibreglass pool in winter

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Proper winter maintenance for your pool is absolutely necessary. Keeping your pool in good condition will have you getting value for money and swimming all year round. 

Why make an investment and not take care of it? Lucky for you, fibreglass pools need less frequent and less intense maintenance than other types of pools such as concrete or granite. Here are some tips to get you started:

Pool Cover

If you’re living in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Durban, you may want to keep your fibreglass pool open all year. In other parts of South Africa with colder winters, if you don’t use your pool for long periods, you might want to keep your pool covered in between uses and cleanings. Yes, we’re sad to see it go too, but keeping it uncovered over a prolonged period risks debris collection, algae buildup, bacteria, contaminated water and potential damage such as pipes cracking in freezing water. Plus, when covered you can switch off the pump system and save on electricity! 

Maintain water level

The water level should be above the skimmer at all times to have enough weight to balance out the upward pressure from groundwater. At worst, too much pressure could cause damage to the pool’s floor.

In areas such as Cape Town, rainy days might mean you don’t have to worry about filling your pool but in areas such as Johannesburg and Pretoria, you might have to top your fibreglass pool up every now and then.

Keep a balanced chemistry

Balanced pool water chemistry will prevent algae, bacteria, waterlines, and contamination. All pools need the proper levels of free chlorine, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid and total alkalinity with a pH of between 7.0 and 7.4 

If there is no circulation in the water, you don’t have to add any chlorine but as an extra precaution, you can check the chemistry weekly if the pool is in use or check every 2 months if not.

Pool Parts Maintenance

No matter where you live, pool parts need periodic maintenance to keep them running as good as new. So check your pool pump, filter, heater, etc and ensure all excess water has been removed.

Should I drain my pool?

If water levels are being maintained, drainage is not necessary. If you feel that you absolutely have to drain your pool, don’t do it yourself. Consult a pool professional and calculate the cost of refilling.

Taking care of your pool now can save you money once it’s time to open your pool again in the Springtime. Follow these tips and you’ll be splashing all the way to the bank!

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