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Fibreglass pool at Desert Grace Lodge

sapphire fibreglass pool

We at Pools for Africa had the pleasure of consulting with and suppling the perfect fibreglass pool for a gorgeous lodge in Namibia. Desert Grace offers the modern look and feel of a lodge but keeping the authentic safari experience. A specialised pool in an exotic location such as this, requires the right experience, industry know-how and a variety of pool designs. Pools for Africa has 70 shapes and sizes to choose from.

Desert Grace Lodge

Desert Grace Lodge

Fibreglass has proven to be much less maintenance than other types of pool materials making it the most cost-effective and elegant solution for hotels, lodges and large residential developments.

At Desert Grace, each serene room with impeccable views has its own dedicated pool. All 24 fibreglass pools we provided to Desert Grace were in the Pebble design which is a 3.4m x 2m plunge pool. Pebble is one of our standard shapes and has become increasingly popular for its simple yet contemporary design.

Pebble style fibreglass pool at Desert Grace Lodge

Pebble style pool at Desert Grace Lodge

Pebble style pool at Dessert Grace Lodge

Our Namibian experience was not always smooth swimming; there were some challenges such as transporting the pools on dirt roads. Our bakkie and trailer got stuck and had to be rescued after having to make space on the road for an oncoming truck. (But that wasn’t going to stop us!). Our clients place trust in us that we always deliver, and we make it our duty to do so.

We have the capacity to develop new fibreglass pool designs to suit your location if there is a large number that you need for your business/development. Our 10-year warranty on our fibreglass pools shows how much trust we have in our product offering.

Dessert Grace Lodge

Contemporary Design at Dessert Grace Lodge

Whatever your pool needs are, whatever your location or style is, we are confident in our team to provide you with the best fibreglass pool design for you. We can customize it to suit your spaces and your expectations. Pools for Africa takes pride in knowing that we are one of the industry leaders in Fibreglass pools and we continue to raise the bar.

To view our design at Desert grace lodge, have a look here: