Fiberglass Pools

Games to Play in your Fibreglass Pool

Bored in the house and in the house bored? Well look no further than a fantastic fibreglass pool in your home, waiting for you to explore! 

Available in 65 high quality and easy to install moulds, you have no reason not to join in on some much needed affordable fun for your swimming pool.

Take it from the poolside into the swimming pool with these games that the whole family will enjoy.

  1. Floatie Race. All you need is a good old swimming pool floatie and a competitive spirit to make it to the other end before your opponents. Falling off gets you disqualified and the first racer there wins!
  2. Freeze Tag. Best played in the shallow end, the swimming pool version of this traditional favourite works just the same. Underwater is the safe zone and to ‘unfreeze’, another player has to swim in between your legs.
  3. Relay. Grab a pool safe item (one with smooth edges and a relatively soft material) and split the group into 2 teams. Set a number of laps that each player has to complete before handing the item over to a team member. Then set the number of laps needed to win and the first team to finish wins. 
  4. Scavenger Dive. Find a variety of small items such as coins, toys and pebbles. Set a timer and the person that collects the most items within 3 minutes wins. Happy diving!
  5. Marco Polo. This list would not be complete without this classic. Everyone gets a few seconds to establish their position. One player gets blindfolded and yells “Marco” while the rest of the players yell “Polo!” The blindfolded player then has to follow the sound and try to tag one of the others. First person to get touched, gets blindfolded next! This is sure to test everyone’s stamina as we all know just how tiring swimming can get. Last man standing wins the game!

A chore of the winner’s choice, first to hit the shower or bragging rights? You pick the prize! If you’re reading this and don’t want to miss out, get a quote on for a fibreglass pool in South Africa : 

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