Fiberglass Pools

Should you get a swimming pool?

Cape Town- Fibreglass Swimming Pool Maintenance

Homeowners are often confronted with the pressure to upscale their property in some way or another, whether it’s as simple as a fresh paint or as elaborate as a new swimming pool. Property renovations are usually taken on to improve quality of living for its occupants though often investments into a property are expected to yield some sort of a value return for the owner, making the commitment all the more worthwhile. Even homeowners with no intention of selling in the near future may consider making changes to improve their selling potential when the time comes around.

One of the frequently debated inclusions is a swimming pool. With the high installation costs and recurring maintenance fees, its no wonder that many are reluctant to ‘take the plunge’. With the right planning however, a swimming pool can become a turning point for your property, providing value that extends beyond monetary and improves quality of life as well. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about investing in a backyard oasis:

Planning is essential

This may seem like an obvious point to note but planning is an essential step you can’t afford to miss out on. Take the time to consider the layout of your property and make a call on whether a pool makes sense in the given space and atmosphere. Collect opinions from your family members and friends, or even seek the advice of a professional to determine whether it makes aesthetic and functional sense. It is also worth considering if other houses in the area have pools and taking a look at property prices of houses with versus houses without an installation.  The climate also plays a huge role so be sure to factor this in. Once you have decided to go ahead, be sure to choose a good installer for your pool. Get a few quotes and compare reviews before choosing. The success of your pool project rides on your installer’s ability to deliver so keep this in mind throughout. You also need to make the essential call on which pool type you will install. With numerous options available including the likes of fibreglass pools and gunite, you will need to determine which pool type is most appropriate for your setting, needs and of course, budget.

Skimping on the initial costs is a bad idea

While it may be tempting to just ‘go with the cheapest option’ this may be a bad idea in the long run. It is always advisable to consider quality when making an investment as large as a swimming pool. Spending a little extra could make all difference, cutting down on maintenance and preventing the chances of future issues with the build or quality of the pool. It is also worth noting that the cost of accessories can add up rather quickly, so looking into package deals during your initial purchase may be worth your while.

Maintenance is a reality

Even the highest quality pool will need some attention. Pool maintenance requires more than just money…it requires time. Someone needs to provide the manpower to keep a pool in check, and if hiring a professional is out of your budget, there needs to be a suitable person willing to spend around an hour a week (at the very least) to do the upkeep. Keeping the pool in a consistently good condition will prevent the need for strong chemicals and extra labour to reinstate it at a later stage. Depending on whether you go saltwater or chlorine, you will have other maintenance checks over the course of the year as well as ‘winterizing’ the pool for the colder months when usage will be minimal. Winterizing a pool involves reduction of chlorination and filtration during winter to save energy and keep the pool optimal for when it can be used again. Home liability also increases with a pool on a property and your insurance fee may increase.

Defining value

As a homeowner you need to determine what value is to you and your property. If your primary aim is to boost property value you need to ensure you have your numbers in order. Have a well calculated costing and projected value in place before you install. If you want a pool for leisure and the value increase is just a bonus then the pressure to make it worthwhile falls away. For  some home buyers, a pool is a deal breaker, while for others a pool is just a bonus feature. Being aware of this distinction is essential and will help you to determine your target market as well as whether said market is attainable when considering your home location and other properties in the area.

Installing a pool is no straightforward decision. With the correct planning and considerations however, you as a homeowner can make a well-informed decision to elevate your property and your quality of life. It may just be the best investment you ever make.